Business Class Cabin

Emirates Business Class (A380 & Boeing 777)

Emirates Business Class is available on Airbus A380 and Boeing B777. The business class and first class is located in the upper deck of the plane. In the Airbus 380, the on board lounge is located behind the business class at the far end of the upper deck. The seats are adjustable to 90°, 120° and 180° controlled from the installed buttons. On board shower spa is located in the upper deck in front of the First Class cabin exquisitely designed for our First Class passengers.

Chauffer Service
Emirates business class chauffer flagship bmw 5 series

A380 Emirates Business Class experience starts right from your doorstep. You will get your own chauffer-driven to the airport. In Dubai, you will get the flagship BMW 5 series.

Airport Lounge

Once you check in for your flight, you can access one of the business class lounges. Check out the Terminal 3 in Dubai airport. It has amazing food and it is the world’s one and only Moet and Chandon Airport bar. You can take a shower in the lounges. And from some of the terminals you can directly board the flight directly from the lounge itself.

Onboard the Plane:

Once onboard the plane, rest assured, there is ample legroom and privacy. You will have your own mini bar and the crews are always there to keep the drinks flowing. Emirates is renowned for its award winning ICE entertainment system, and the touch screen is one of the widest in the skies, and there’s literally thousands of channels of on-demand entertainment to choose from: the latest movies, box sets,  and hours and hours of music. You can choose what you want to watch before you fly and then sync it to your seat.

Emirates Business class seat recline
Emirates Business Class seat
Internet & Free Wifi

For all you sports fans, the days of missing out just because you’re in the air, they’re in the past. The latest Premier League match or the U.S open, if it’s live, its probably on iCE. There’s a reason they call it business class, because, if you really need to work, you’ve got plenty of space and everything to keep you powered up and connected.   

There’s obviously Wi-Fi on board, and the first 20 megabytes are free. And, if you’re a Skywards member, you get it free throughout the entire flight.

Business Class On board Lounge

Now this, this is the coolest part. On all Emirates A380s, you can take a stroll to the onboard lounge. There are always snacks here, some of the most premium spirits, and it’s a fun place to socialize. Sometimes it’s easy to forget you’re on a plane. Mealtimes with Emirates are impressive. You have a choice of three starters and three mains, including a local dish, so you can get a taste of your destination before you arrive. And Emirates take their wine selection very seriously. Some are so exclusive you can only find them on board an Emirates’ flight.

Emirates Airlines Business class on board lounge
On board Lounge
Sleeping Onboard:

When it’s time to sleep, your seat transforms into a fully flat bed with plenty of room to stretch out. Simply press the 180° button and enjoy a homely good night sleep onboard.

You can contact Emirates Airlines on the designated phone number or access your booking website. It is on a sad note that we conclude this way. According to Forbes, contributed by Michael Goldstein, Emirates is on the verge of retiring the A380. And as a starter they have removed two A380 from service.  Although it will be a long time until all the A380 will retire, enjoy it while you still can.