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Baltimore Airport is back to Business

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All airlines and airport had been hit hard by the Corona Virus Pandemic. However there is a good news flickering about and Baltimore Airport is one of the forerunners.

The Airport is past that stage where business became stagnant; because it is one of the happening airport in early in the first quarter of 2021.

Increase in number of passengers in BWI Airport

The first 4 days of April was a busy day for Baltimore Airport because 72,644 people checked in for the flight and departed from Baltimore Airport. The last weekend of March had a total of over 80,000 passengers flying of Baltimore airport alone. The business and sales from Washington Airport has returned as usual.

There is a report of long hold in the Airline’s Phone number as passengers are trying to use their credit that was not used during the lockdown.

Long Term A Parking Lot

Because of the sudden increase in the number of passengers, BWI Airport is forced to open the Long Term A Parking lot. This was previously closed due to the pandemic last year. The Long term B Parking lot is yet to be opened.

Southwest Airlines is adding a non-stop route from Baltimore Airport

On top, of that Southwest Airlines is announcing a non-stop flight from Baltimore to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina adding more competition for its counterpart airlines.

Introducing Simplified Arrival

What is Simplified Arrival? It is a method of matching the identity of the travelers with their documents. Till today it is done manually by officers at the airport. However, after implementing this tool, the international passenger will be identified by the automated system. It uses the facial biometric and matches the documents. That way no one has to touch any one and will potentially save a lot of time for the passengers as well as CBP (US Custom and Border protection).

Baltimore Airport
Baltimore Airport

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