How to change flight on American Airlines?

How to change flight on American Airlines?

American Airlines Change flight

How to change flight on American Airlines? Well, We received this question a lot, which is very important at this time, “How to change flight on American Airlines?”  That is why, It is important for us to cover this topic because there are lots of passengers stuck with a flight credit that has not been used for a year because of the pandemic. And literally, many are struggling to find a way to use it.

Let us dig in to the answer directly.


  1. Firstly, you need to go to American Airlines website link :
  2. It will take you to a page that looks like the one mentioned below:
How to change flight on American Airlines?
  • After that, you need to fill in the first and last name of the passenger in the box mentioned. Remember, you can retrieve your itinerary either by using the confirmation number or the ticket number. American Airlines ticket numbers are 13 digit numbers starting with 001. And the confirmation number (in other words, Record locator or reservation code) is a six digit Alfa-numeric code. By the way, you can use either the record locator or the ticket number, these are optional. Once you add the required information, click to the blue box below that says, “Find your trip”. If you are an AAdvantage members, you can easily log in to your account and get your trip.
  • Subsequently, as you move to the next page, on the top toolbar you will get 2 options. One is for ‘Change Trip’ and the other is ‘Cancel trip’.
Completion of changing the reissue
  • After that, Choose the blue box that says – ‘Change trip’. Choose your new dates and airports; you will get the new flight option.
  • Then, Select the flight of your choice and click ‘Continue’.   
  • Remember, you need to verify the flight and the price difference if applicable. Complete the payment and change.
  • Then, you will receive an automated email from t American Airlines with the new flight itinerary.
American Airline Online Service Availability

As we all know, American Airlines website is easy to use and user friendly compared to its counterparts. But, there may be cases where you will not be able to modify your itinerary. Unfortunately, it happens when your reservation is a part of the ‘bulk fare’ which is issued by travel agency. In that case, you need to contact the respective travel agency directly.

Change American Airline flight Issued by Travel Agent

However, if your original ticket is issued from travel agency and the booking is a non-restricted ticket, you will be able to make the change directly from the American Airlines website and it might incur you a nominal fee of around $25 extra. In such a scenario, you can make change directly from the travel agency website to avoid the service charge. Not all the agency website may support making change. So, it depends on the tools that each company is using.


Same Day Standby change flight on American Airlines:

American Airlines allow you to fly earlier on the same day of the flight if and only if there are seats available for the earlier flights. Same day standby change is eligible for both American Airlines and American Eagle flights. You can put your request for same day flight change on the official website of American Airlines or at the kiosk.

Once you put a request for an earlier standby flight, you will automatically be put on wait-list for the earlier flight. On top of that, your original later flight will still remain as confirmed status until you are confirmed on the new flight. The same day standby flight solely depends on availability of seats. So, this is not a guaranteed form of making change.


Involuntary change of flight means, if the flight is delayed or cancelled due to the airlines action. This could be caused by mechanical reason, weather, Air Traffic Control, Political crisis or natural calamities. In such a scenario, the passengers will be notified via email or phone and passengers will be protected with the next available flight without any cost.


Well, this is the part where most of us get confused in 2021, because there were thousands of flights that got cancelled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The biggest fear is the credits are in general kept for one year from the date of issue and it is expiring. Many airlines have extended the expiration date of the credit. You check the amount of credit, expiration date and all related information on the voucher by pulling up the record using the ticket number and the confirmation number. And you can also click to continue to use the credit and it will be automatically applied to the new reservation. If there is a residual amount that needs to be paid, it will give you the breakdown of the charges and you can complete the re-booking. After that you will receive the email with the new itinerary.


You can also change the flight with American airlines by calling the Airlines toll free number, 1-800 433-7300. There, you can change it from the automated system, although it is easier to speak to an agent and complete the booking. Any time in between, you can ask for an agent, and you will be transferred to an agent with your information that you have already presented along with the booking process you had already gone through on the automated system. Nowadays, there is a long hold in the airlines phone line so you will be able to save time by using the automated system. And later on, you can complete any transaction once you reach a live agent.

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