Corona Virus Affecting Airlines: Feb 2020

Many Airlines Affected due to the outbreak of Coronavirus- Feb 2020

It is estimated that around 10k Flights have been cancelled in Jan 2020 since the first sign of coronavirus outbreak. The travel industry in general and Airlines in specific have received a huge blow in it functioning. In spite of the WHO (World Health Organisation) directing that the level of restrictions ­­­applied to the travel industry does not play a vital role in keeping the spread of the coronavirus under control; yet despite the advisory, many countries have come up with restriction on airline movement. Please call the respective airline phone for updates on your booking.

Flights Suspended, partially suspended or to be suspended to Mainland China:

  • Egypt Air,
  • Lufthansa
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Air India
  • Indigo
  • El Ai
  • Alitalia
  • Kenya Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Fin Air
  • Air Tanzania
  • Air France
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • KLM Royals
  • Qatar
  • Korean Air
  • Iberia Air
  • Qantas Airways

With the outbreak of Corona Virus, the safety concern of travelers is becoming one major hurdle. We wanted to share some of the useful tips that may help our passengers. There are a lot more that is not brought to attention in our mention list due to administrative limitation. However, we hope to bring in more in near future. So, let’s directly dig in with the plate that we got for you now.

Avoid Travel

Avoiding travel is one of the most efficient steps that we could take. However, it is not always possible. If you already have a reservation booked with airlines or cruise, your airlines might have announced a waiver for the destination with remarks. So, you can call the customer service number and inquire about if any waiver is applicable for your travel destination, connection or times. Most of the time you will be able to get it changed to another time without any cost. In some cases you will even be able to get the full refund including the govt. Taxes. Make sure to open up, ask for waiver announcement and take advantage of the same.

Carry Mask

It is important that you pack a mask along during the travel; you will need it at the airport and busy places, even during layover. The airline might have announced and red flagged certain destinations but nobody can know for sure 100%. So, simply keep your mask with you, and of course do not forget to use it, or do not shy away from using it. You will thank yourself later.

Avoid Isle Seat

It is not fair for us to tell our travelers to take the window seat and not the aisle seat, because half of the people will again end up in the aisle seat. The window seat is preferred because it is less busy. The aisle seats have a tendency of higher activities, as there will be lots of people coming in and out. So, be smart and chose your seat wisely.

Insurance for your flight

The insurance generally cost 14% of the ticket or less depending on the premium type. It will come handy if you want to make changes or cancel for safety reason.

Corona Hype

There is a phenomenon going around these days. Coronavirus is definitely not something to be taken lightly. However there have been a lot of over hype going around in the internet. Not everything found in the internet is true. Do not over hype any situation, yet do not underestimate it too. Get your updates from reliable sources like the WHO (World Health Organisation).

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