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First of all, it is not possible to book flight reservation for minor online. It is because, the computer system is designed in such a way that it will auto reject a booking when there is no adult passenger on the reservation.  However, you can check and compare the price online for your reference.

Non-stop flight

It is highly recommended that you book only non-stop flight for the unaccompanied minor. This way it gives less tension to the child, as well as it is easier for the airlines to handle the travel. In case the first flight is delayed and the connecting flight is missed, there are chances that the child will be stranded at the airport. So, at all cost, this situation has to be avoided. That is also one of the reason why, the airlines do not allow minor to fly on a flight connecting to the last flight of the day.

Information required to book the reservation

In order to book the reservation, you can call the respective airlines (click here for airlines phone number) or your travel agent. Be sure to provide the full name of the passenger including the middle name or middle initial if applicable. The name should match the identification paperwork that the child is going to bring on the day of travel. For a minor, birth certificate, school ID or any form of ID including the date of birth is accepted.

Once the reservation is booked, you are required to provide the name, phone and address of the adult who will be dropping off the passenger at the airport. The information provided should match the information on the ID that is brought by the adult on the day of travel.

Then, you need to document the name, phone and address of the adult who will pick up the passenger at the destination airport. At the same time, this provided information should match the ID of the adult picking up at the arrival airport.

On the day of travel

On the day of arrival, at the airport you need to obtain a gate pass from the security and get inside the airport. Necessary form needs to be filled out at the airlines’ counter. And once the process is done, an employee will take over the Unaccompanied minor. The child will be tagged using a batch or lanyard mentioning ‘unaccompanied minor’ depending on the airlines.

If there are other unaccompanied minors travelling on the same plane, they will be clubbed together in a group and assisted.

All assistance during the layover or change of plane (if applicable) will be handled by the airlines.

At the Arrival Airport

At the arrival city, an assigned employee of the airlines will be waiting for the unaccompanied minor. They will not be allowed to go until the adult assigned takes over and complete the formality of filling up the form and signature.

Fee Structure:

The unaccompanied minor assistance fee is a separate charge made on top of the ticket cost. Every airline has their own fee structures and they are not all the same. Major carriers like United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and American charge $ 150.00 for each segment. So, if it is a round trip it will be charged twice.



What is the Age restriction on Unaccompanied Minor travelling alone?

  • A child under 5 year cannot fly alone

Till what age can I have to apply for unaccompanied minor?

  • 5 years to 14 years

What is the cost of unaccompanied minor assistance fee?

  • $ 150 for one way and $ 300 for round trip

If there are 2 children travelling, how much do I have to pay?

  • With United $ 150.00, with other airlines we have to pay for both

Can I book flight for minor online?

  • No, the flight for minor has to be booked manually through a representative

How can I book flight for minor?

  • You can book flight for unaccompanied minor by calling the airlines toll free number or travel agency

  How do I pay for the unaccompanied minor assistance fee?

  • It can be paid at the time of booking or at the airport on the day of travel

What ID documents does a minor require to travel alone?

  • Birth Certificate or school ID or a Government issued photo ID, or other ID with date of birth on it

Can anyone apart from parents drop/pick the child at the airport?

  • Yes. However for international travel, a written consent of the parents are required

What information is required for unaccompanied minor travel?

  • Name, phone number and address of the adults who will drop or pick up at the departure and the destination airport.

Can a minor travel on connecting flights?

  • Yes and no. Most airlines allow minor only on non-stop flights. At the same time, the connecting flight should not be the last flight of the day. And there are certain airports where connecting flight are not allowed at all. Please refer to a travel consultant before booking.
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Helpful information for parents to know when flying children alone on the plane. Make sure the unaccompanied minor is above 5 years of age. Most airlines will allow 5-14 years to travel alone, as long as unaccompanied minor assistance is applied. Children above 14 can also fly as UMNR, unaccompanied minor voluntarily. Generally the cost of assistance for children traveling alone is $150 one way. If the ticket is round trip, it will be charged twice. The child needs to bring a birth certificate or school ID, or any other govt issued photo ID like passport. The ID should include the date of birth of the passenger. The cost of unaccompanied minor fee with Southwest airlines is less, however the will allow only non-stop flight. United will charge $150 each way but if there are 2 minors on the reservation the fee will be applicable only once. Mosg airlines will allow only non stop flight for minors to fly. However there are exceptions made with some airlines. In that situation, the last connecting flight of the day is not allowed. And the restriction applies depending on airport to airport. It is important to clear out all confusion before the flight is booked. Do not hesitate to call Airlines or your travel specialist. You are always welcome to consult the AirlineWing team. Courtesy of airlinewing.com #travel #unaccompaniedminors #childtraveler #umnr #travelgram #unitedairlines #southwestairlines #americanairlines #deltaairlines #kidstravel #infanttravel #travelwithkids #travelwithchildren #travelwithchild #travelphotography #travelholic

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