Dress Code for Flight Attendant after Covid-19

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A systematic change in the dress code for flight attendant after Covid 19 may take a turn. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, we could see a trend of change in the fashion statement by the airlines on the dress code of their cabin crew. “Will the airlines compromise on the fashion trend and move toward the safety of their employees? “ This is one big question lurking around among the fear stricken families of the airline employees, specially the cabin crew who are in the frontline of the business.

Emirates Airlines have unveiled their new dress code for the flight attendant, followed by some other airlines. The dress code includes mask, gloves, protective and disposable gown and some kind of safety helmet.

Certain Airlines have decided that Cabin crew member would wear face shield, gown and mask as a part of their new attire. The PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) will be provided as the airlines resume operations as the airlines crews are in close proximity to passengers during flights, sources said.

Only time will tell how much is safe enough for the crew. But it will come down to each airline to ensure and decide the fate of their employees.

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