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Introduction Suzanne Collins wrote the book The Hunger Games. It has been both praised and criticised. This play is inspired by the time when North America’s government was reduced to Panem. Capitol was responsible for twelve districts that were dissolved. Capitol hosted the annual hunger games. The twelve districts were divided into two tributes, and each gender participated in a fight for life. This essay will answer questions about the book and attempt to summarize it. The book covers themes such as poverty, love, and social inequality. The essay will also relate some of these occurrences to the United States. The book is filled with discussion about inequality. Capitol has twelve districts that it controls and affects. Because it houses poor coal miners, Katniss lives there. Each district must choose two tributes to take part in the game. Capitol must be notified once a tribute has been chosen. Career tributes are preferred by wealthy families. Because they are from wealthy families, career tributes receive intensive training. Career tributes are competitive with tributes from low-income families that are not trained. Uncompromising fight to death demonstrates inequalities between subjects and authority. Capitol manipulates wasps to make wolves mutants in order to frustrate poor families’ tributes. Capitol can alter the game’s outcome by changing rules (Collins, 79). Panem is a meritocratic organization where success is determined by ability and performance. Career tributes long for the hunger games because they will be rewarded with their talents. The tributes are rewarded for their hard work through intense training. Peeta and Katniss tell Haymitch that they expect him to work hard to earn rewards and sponsorship at end of the game. In order to be declared winners, tributes are paid. Peeta, Katniss and their families are thrilled to receive the prizes. Peeta, Katniss, and their families are overjoyed to be home again and pose for the cameras (Collins, 154). The social structure of Panem is greatly affected by media. The citizens become more connected and can appreciate one another. All tributes are interviewed before the games start by a television host. The society learns how well prepared the tributes were for the hunger games. Your 100% original paper on any topic can be completed in just 3 hours. Learn more Peeta is allowed to tell Katniss and the rest of society about his feelings for her. The media aspect of Katniss and Peeta’s victory is involved (Collins 160). As they unite with their families, the two victorious pose for cameras. Media allows tributes to get to know one another better. The society can also monitor the preparation of tributes through media. The situation in the United States is very similar in terms of media influence on social aspects. The media plays an important role in encouraging social cohesion among Americans. Media is a great way for rivals to get to know each others’ strategies during political campaigns. Media allows supporters to gauge the success of their elected representative. Media can promote cohesion and unity in society by uniting people. Media allows people from all sides to be featured equally, thereby promoting social equality. Media can improve the social relations between politicians and their supporters. Media in the United States is trusted and reliable, which means that political parties can accept defeat or success from their rivals. Allan Johnson says that social structure is susceptible to many forces. Social structure is influenced by many factors. Social structure changes with attitudes, norms, and beliefs. The common expectations of a particular social structure are interpreted as the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance is one that encourages acceptance, while the opposite results in rejection and punishment. The Capitol has clearly laid the path of least resistance in Panem. During the hunger games, all districts will present two tributes from each sexe. Katniss volunteers to take the place of her sister in order to make sure her family follows the orders. Haymitch helps Katniss to be successful by teaching her how to do what is necessary. Collins 179 says that Katniss’s winning strategy is to run from her rivals. Rue and Katniss team up because they know that a relationship is more likely to win. Peeta and Katniss fail to follow the path that low resistance. They decide to kill themselves after the second announcement of the game. Peeta & Katniss try to eat poisonous berries, defying the orders of Capitol. They both end up being declared winners despite their disobedience. Haymitch advises Katniss that she tell Peeta that she is in love with her and that she cannot kill him to prove that she wasn’t being disobedient. (Collins 180). We will create a customized Essay about The Hunger Games just for you. Save 15% on your first paper The book also discusses social structure. Gender equity is clearly demonstrated when districts are expected to pay tributes from both genders. (Collins 212). All districts participate in the games, which shows social cohesion. The power distance model, which focuses on the relationship between subjects and authority, is well-presented. Cultural acceptance and knowledge are promoted by the social activities that contribute to the existence of Panem’s people. The book details inequalities and links them to negative consequences. Equity is linked to positive social impacts. The book encourages social cohesion and discourages inequity. The tributes are not aware of the location where the hunger games take places. The different circumstances and hardships are intended to help tributes adapt and thrive in all situations. Collins 260 says that the hunger games encourage cohesion and involve all districts. At a location where they are subject to similar conditions, the rich can compete with the poor. Collins highlights the many benefits that rich tributes can enjoy. High merit tributes are rewarded because of the meritocratic nature of the system. This book bridges the gap between rich and poor by negating benefits for rich and increasing the ability of poor to pay tributes. Miner’s Nacirema story attempts to bridge differences between cultures. There are cultures that are superior to others. Miner’s goal is to decrease cultural disregard and encourage acceptance. Miner is about Nacirema people, who believed that their bodies were susceptible to disease and sought magic to heal them. Miner describes the shrine where every Nacirema was believed to have prayed and drank substances from medicine men. Miner says that Nacirema’s culture is similar to American culture. Miner refers to the shrine’s location as a “bathroom” according to Americans. Americans use cosmetics and makeup to believe in magic. American doctors view magic drinks as medicine. Panem society is featured in the hunger games, which can be compared to American society. The games can be understood as political campaigns in which the winner is awarded a reward. Collins 289 suggests that participation by all districts can be understood as equality when supporters vote. Inequality can also be linked to discrimination against people with lower socioeconomic status in America. Because of the inclusion of entertainment and the theme about love, this book is well-suited to youths. Her ace at hunting is what makes her stand out. Romance is your only excuse to not follow the path of least resistance. Are you unsure if it is possible to write a paper about The Hunger Games? For only $16.05 ($1/page), we can help. This book is a significant contribution to sociology literature because it highlights issues that have both negative and positive effects on society. Capitol’s easy manipulation shows Capitol’s power and influence in the governance of Panem society. The government of Panem adopts Meritocracy. The government of Panem adopts Meritocracy, which ensures that rewards are given only to those who merit them. This ensures fairness and justice. The issues of death and uncompromised participation are further indicators that the government is in complete control over the citizens. The treatment of Peeta and the mutant wolves should have been made more sinister.

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