United Airlines Check In

United Airlines Check In process is not as complicated as you might have imagined. Follow this simple steps and complete your check in online. There are lots of perks that comes to check in online. If you check in online you don’t have to stand in line at the airport. And of course save money in checking in for the bags. Moreover assign your seats ahead of time. And you will get discount for advance booking of food and beverages.

United Airlines Check in, Step 1: Go to United and identify the check in section >>>

First of all, go to United Airlines site homepage united.com. You will see a check in option on the top of the page as shown in the picture below. Click on the check in.

united airlines check in online
United Airlines check in

United Airlines Check in, Step 2: Log in using the reservation code, ticket or Mileage Plus account >>>

Once you click the Check In option a new set of box will appear prompting for the confirmation number/ticket number and last name. (Confirmation number a 6 digit alfa-numeric numbers and ticket number are 13 digit numbers starting with 016…). Finally click ‘continue’ to proceed.

United Airlines Check in Online
United Airlines Check in Online

However, if you are a Mileage Plus Frequent flyer member with United Airlines sign in using the Mileage plus number and password. And you can click to ‘Sign In’.

Remember, if the flight is beyond 24 hours, you will not get an option to check in. It is because online check in opens up only within 24 hours of the flight time.

Also for those of you who have signed in using the Mileage Plus frequent flyer number. You will get a set of flights that you have booked, even including the ones already flown. Click to the one that you are going to check in.

Once you get on the check-in page. You can see the flight itinerary, departure, destination and the flight timings.

United Airlines Check in, Step 3: Select the flight that you need to check in >>>

On your reservation, you can identify the number of flight options booked. If it is a round trip, or multi city booking, all the flight will be displayed on the screen. You can pick the flight that you need to check in. Remember, you will be required to check in for the return or next flight segments separately. It will be done the same way within 24 hours before its scheduled departure.

United Airlines Check in, Step 4: Choose your seat >>>>

 It will prompt you to choose the seat. That way, you will see the seat map like shown below, depending on the type of aircraft.

United Airlines check in - Choose seat
United Airlines check in – Choose seat

Choose one of the empty seats not taken. The blue seats are the E-plus seat, it is an upgrade. So, if you click there you will be charged extra, and you will get the 5 inches extra legroom.

In a bigger and longer aircraft, it is not possible to show all the seats on the plane in one page. In this case, you need to click the arrow button either on the left or the right side of the picture. And you will get more options to choose from.

If you already have assigned seats prior to check in and you are satisfied with it then you can skip this process. However, if you had assigned seats before but want to rearrange. You can surely change the seat at this time and there is no extra cost.

United Airlines Check in, Step 5: Check in your bags >>>

Add your carry on and check in bags. If you are adding the check in bags, there are charges for the bags. Put in the details like the number of bags, size and weight as prompted. Hence, if there is going to be an extra cost. It will be paid at the end of check in process. Use Credit card or debit card to make the payment.

United Airlines Check in, Step 6: Pre book In-Flight service >>>

It is not mandatory to pre book in-flight services like food and beverage. But if you can do it in advance, it will cost you less than purchasing it onboard the plane.

United Airlines Check in – Choose food and beverage

United Airlines Check in, Step 7: Payment page >>>

After the check in process is finalized, it will take you to the review page where you can make necessary payment for any charge incurred.

United Airlines Check in, Step 8: Boarding Pass >>>

Once the Check-in is complete, you will get the boarding pass which can be printed out from home. If you do not have a printer, you can send a printable boarding pass in your email. That way the boarding pass can always be printed out wherever you have access to a printer. It can also be printed at the airport as well.

Below is a sample of boarding pass printed online and at the kiosk:

United Airlines Check in boarding pass sample
United Airlines Check in boarding pass sample

United Airlines Check in, Additional Information:

For those who had applied for upgrade using the miles and wait-listed. It will be finalized at the time of check in. Hence, you will get your seats in business/first class as applied. Consequently, the miles are deducted at the time of making the request for upgrade. However, if the upgrade does not get confirmed, all the miles will be refunded back to the account.

Although Online Check in is considered one of the most efficient way to check in. United Airline Check in is not limited to Online Check in.

If you need any assistance, you can get the Airline phone number from here.

Check In Facilities Other than Online:

  • United Airline Mobile app check in
  • Airport Kiosk United Airlines Check in
  • United Airlines Curb side Check in
  • United Airline Check in at the airport counter